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Individual Therapy, Marriage and Family Therapy, Hypnosis and Medication

Individual Therapy

People seek emotional support for many different reasons.  Sometimes we need help in dealing with a loved one or friend, health issues, job changes or challenges in relationships.  Sometimes we consciously choose to explore our own personal growth. Individual therapy can be a helpful support to you in all of these circumstances.

Although the issues are different for each person, there is a common need to learn more about ourselves through personal insight and emotional support.  You may have thought about talking to family or friends.   That can be a good place to start, although many times you can benefit from talking to a professional.

The psychologists, counselors, social workers and psychiatrists listed below offer individual therapy. Although their approaches will differ, you will always be provided with a professional, confidential and caring atmosphere for these services. We encourage you to talk directly with your therapist and become familiar with their approach toward therapy.

The following providers offer individual therapy services: 

Please call the office at 816-931-9912 for more information or to schedule an appointment with any of the above providers.